PR and Advertising

PR and Advertising

Welcome to A Handful of Everything! I hope you love what you're seeing around here in my little corner of the blog world. 

I would love to work with companies that are a good fit for my family and my readers.

E-mail: kristascookin {at} gmail {dot} com
Twitter: kristascookin
Google +: Krista Low
Linked In: Krista Low
Pampered Chef Personal Website: Krista Low Consultant #437448

I look forward to hearing from you!

Blog Stats

A Handful of Everything was created October 25, 2012

Facebook: 456 Likes
Twitter: 743 Followers
Pinterest: 1,267 Followers
Google +: 700 have me in their circles
Linked In: 331 Connections
Bloglovin: 103 Followers
Sverve Score: 49
BzzAgent Score: 7.3
Influenster Impact Score: 2417

Google Stats and Analytics:
Page Views last month: 15,919
Page Views all time: 144,284
Visits: 3,574
Unique Visitors: 2,296
*Stats updated 4/21/14


I would love to place an ad for you on my site!

For a 30 day placement:
Medium 200x200 spot $10
small 150x150 or smaller $5
Button Swap (any size) FREE


I am very interested in hosting a giveaway for your product or service on A Handful of Everything! Please contact me with the information about what product/service that your business would like to offer and I will let you know as soon as possible if it will be appropriate for my followers.  My only request is that the product will be shipped directly from your company to the winner.  I will be happy to gather the required information necessary to fulfill this request and provide it back to you in a timely manner.

Product Reviews

I have no problem sharing my opinion, and  I would love to write a review for your business. If you would like me to write a review about a product, please send me a product that I can use and try out for myself. After using the product I will write a honest review and let you know when the post will be published.  I will give my true opinion of the product.  If you would like for me to share my opinion with you privately before publishing I am happy to do so.  If you are interested in working with me here at A Handful of Everything, please contact me and I will respond as soon as possible to let you know if I think your product will be a good fit for me and my readers.  I will be happy to share my post via my various social media platforms and provide you with the direct link to the review.

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Service or Website Review

I am happy to review your service or website.  I charge a fee in exchange for my review.  If you have a price-point in mind, please include that when you contact me with your business information.  I will respond as soon as possible to let you know if your service/website will be a good fit for A Handful of Everything. As with my product reviews, I will give my honest opinion.  If you would like me to contact you before publishing my post I am happy to do so.  When the post goes live I will share via my various social media platforms.

E-mail: kristascookin {at} gmail {dot} com

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