Thursday, May 30, 2013

Great Idea Thursday #7 Features

Whew! Playing catch up is crazy! Being out of the picture for a week sure makes a lot of work when you are back to the grind.  I think it might just take me 2 hours to fold all the laundry piled up on my bed! lol

Thank you for your patience in getting the features to you from the party last week! You fabulous bloggers never cease to amaze me with the wonderful things you bring!

These are the posts that caught my eye! Thank you again for taking the time to link up with me! Ya'll rock :)

Featured Crafts

Featured Sweets

Featured Recipe

Featured Gift Idea

Fabulous Service Ideas

Blogging Brilliance

Recipe Love

Miss Cindy @ Everyday Insanity has made a version of my Coconut Lime Scones!

A Handful of Everything Coconut Lime Scones

You can join this week's Great Idea Thursday's Link Party here.

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