Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Great Idea Thursday's Summer Vacation Edition

Ok, it's official, my cough has turned to bronchitis but life waits for no one. I am writing to you from the airport and hope that you are enjoying your summer.  My wonderful Mother just spent the last 6 days with me and now I am on my way with my kids to see my husbands family. I  This party will be up for 2 weeks and there will be triple features since I didn't get features up for this week.  When does school start again?  I'm going to take a puff on my new inhaler and try not to hyperventilate! Stay cool and have fun showing off your fabulous projects!

... So after delays and an unexpected hotel stay in Atlanta for 4 hours of sleep last night I made it to my destination!!! Hooray.  And thank you Delta for covering the hotel and for the meal vouchers. Gotta make the best out of the situation right?

Cross your fingers for good luck during the rest of the trip for me! And now, without further ado, onto the party!

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