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The Edge of Normal

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Book Sparks PR Book Review:

The Edge of Normal

By: Carla Norton

"Fear is paralysis, fear is the enemy."

She has been consumed by ten years of fear.  Four years of captivity have left permanent scars.  Even six years of therapy with Dr. Lerner the leading psychiatrist in captivity syndromes can't erase the torture and a decade of nightmares inflicted by her abductor. Yet after adopting a new name, a new haircut, and a new identity Reeve finds herself at the edge of normal.  She has her own structured routine working full time and caring for her pet Persie in her very own San Francisco apartment.

Dr. Lerner calls on Reeve's own terrifying insight of life in captivity to mentor Tilly who has just escaped from her own kidnapper.  She provides comfort and hope to the Cavanaugh family as they welcome home their traumatized daughter.  As a mentor Reeve unexpectedly heals her own scars as she takes on the role of Tilly's defender fighting a ruthless predator that is still at large.

The Edge of Normal is an engaging page-turner delving into a world of evil I hope never to encounter in real life.  The story is fabulously written.  I have given the rating of three stars due to the language and graphic/disturbing nature of the content.  Though this is a good book and I enjoyed the read, it isn't for everyone.

Carla Norton is the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Perfect Victim: The True Story of the Girl in the Box, which the FBI put on their Behavioral Sciences Unit reading list. She served as the special sections editor for the San Jose Mercury News and has written for numerous publications. She has an MFA from Goddard College and has twice served as a judge for the Edgar Awards. The Edge of Normal, which won a Royal Palm Literary Award for best unpublished mystery, is her debut novel. She lives in California and Florida.

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