Wednesday, May 6, 2015

6 Piece Canning Set Review

I am still learning when it comes to canning but I religiously make freezer jam every year and this year I am determined to try more fun things! Through Tomoson, the SKG Group offered me this Bellemain 6 Piece Canning Set for FREE in exchange for my honest review.

All the pieces in the step are handy for each step in the canning process from sterilizing, to filling, to sealing the jars.

The Set includes 6 pieces:
  • Funnel
  • Jar Lifter
  • Magnetic Lid Lifter
  • Tongs
  • Bubble Popper/Measuring Stick
  • Lid Remover Wrench
All the metal tools have a vinyl coating for a better grip and are stainless steel. They will last longer and are easy to care for.

The entire set is dishwasher safe!

If you are new to canning like me or an expert, having good tool makes the process easier and safer.

The Wide mouth funnel is made of heavy-duty plastic and will work with both standard and wide mouth jars. Vent notches help foods flow through the funnel quicker and the thumb grip is perfect for keeping your hands clean.

The Jar lifter is a scissor action tool that helps safely lift any size canning jars out of boiling water. This is important for minimizing the risk of burns and potential jar breakages. The vinyl coating on the lifters offers a more secure grip while handling hot jars.

Removing lids from a boiling sterilization bath can be tricky. The Magnetic Lid Lifter removes the danger of burning hands and with the touch of the magnet to a lid allows you to lift if out of the boiling water, place on the jar keeping it perfectly sterile during the canning process.

To move food around inside the jars or to move jars around inside the canning bath, the tongs will keep your hands away from boiling hot liquids. The vinyl coating on the handles in addition to the texture nodes on the grabbing end aid in a better grip at both ends of the tongs.

The bubble popper/measuring stick is a heat-resistant plastic wand that makes removing bubbles from processed jars easy before putting on the lids. There are measurement marks on the other end to make sure that filled jars have the proper amount of "head room."

Tightening lids on hot jars can be hard on hands and fingers. The heat-resistant vinyl cushioning on the lid remover wrench helps protect jars from breaking as well as your fingers from burning while you tighten the outer lid rings. Once the seal is complete, it can be used to remove the rings for reuse and to extend their life.

This set is great quality and has all the essentials for canning.

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