Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chalk Markers Review

Stardom Brands Liquid Chalk Marker Review

As a blogger, I am offered some amazing opportunities to review products.  Stardom Crafts offered me a FREE set of their Liquid Chalk Markers Mega Pack in exchange for an honest review. This has been one of the most fun reviews I have done! I love these chalk markers and plan to use them a lot in the future.

These liquid chalk markers are amazing. First of all there are a lot of them! 18 markers. Most other packs I have seen come either only with 8 or 10 markers, so you get an great value with this Mega Pack. The colors are bright and once the liquid is completely into the tip (within a few seconds) they create a wonderful solid line.

These markers write on many surfaces. Chalk boards, mirrors, metal, glass. It just needs to be non-porous. If you're not sure it will work on your surface test in a small area before continuing.

  • An amazing feature of these markers is that the tip is reversible so you can choose whether you want a bold or a finer line by choosing the chisel or bullet side of the tip. Great for creating a professional look to your chalk work.
  • These are easy to use. Unlike regular chalk, they are completely dust free! No smudging and mess.
  • The markers are water based for easy clean up and are non-toxic. They are safe for the environment and for anyone 3 and up.
  • 90 day money back guarantee. If you don't love your liquid chalk markers Stardom Brands will refund your money no questions asked.

Creating beautiful designs and writing messages with chalk is so much easier with these fabulous markers. They are perfect for business or a budding artist. Check out what I made with them.

Had to clean all of the nasty chalk dust off the board from using regular chalk.

I took a few minutes to shake each marker and get the liquid into the tips (a few seconds for each one).

Started playing!

These markers are amazing! Super easy to use, the liquid flows nice and evenly and cleans up quickly with water. My new favorite!!! 

Perfect for summer :)

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