Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bee A Great Babysitter

For my 12-18 year old Young Women we held a Babysitting 101 class as an activity last week.  I thought it was a great activity because looking back to when I was babysitting I could have definitely done a better job and could have had a lot more babysitting jobs had I had a little training.

We talked about some basic first aid and then went over the handouts I put together.

We really just stressed the need to talk to the parents to find out what the rules and expectations are.

We wanted the girls to know some basic information about the family in case of an emergency.

 We wanted the girls to realize that babysitting can be a lot of fun, and parents appreciate it when you don't just let the kids watch TV and play video games the whole time they are gone.

 I found a list of good children's books online and added some of my kids's favorites to spark some ideas for the girls when they go babysitting.

Sometimes to get a great idea you build off of others.  We compiled a list of fun things to do with kids to spark the creative juices. 

We didn't actually make a kit but I wanted to give the girls an idea of what they could put in the kit.  I put all the handouts in a really cute floral folder I found at Target in hopes that the girls would have everything in one place and remember where it was!

I don't think the girls were super excited about the activity when they found out what it was since several of them had taken a Babysitter course already but all of them were asking questions telling stories and by the end I think it was definitely safe to say it was a success.

Add to Your Kit

I was able to turn this idea into a reality with the help of this wonderful blog:

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