Friday, November 2, 2012

Pirate Birthday Party

For my youngest son's 6th birthday we decided to have a Pirate themed party.  It is tomorrow and I have had so much fun preparing for this.  Since not all of the friends he invited are boys I thought it would be fun to do something a little special for the girls coming to this male dominated party so I made their treasure bags and their little Pirate sash's.

Theme prizes for the boys courtesy of Oriental trading:
Sword and eyepatch
Treasure Bag
Pirate Bandannas  Pirate Bags With Gold Coins Swords With Eyepatch

Theme prizes for the girls:
Pirate Sash
Bead necklace
Treasure Bag


We have a shark pinata filled with lots of goodies for our little buccaneer's.

Shark Pinata 19in

These were the invitations that we used.  I was originally going to burn the edges and mail them out for for time restraints we just e-mailed them... I used Lucinda Blackletter as the font in Word.

My husband and my Father-in-law are absolutely fantastic!  They made this fun Treasure Chest!  We are going to put all the "loot" in the chest and send the kids on a Treasure Hunt to find it!  Then they will get to wear their pirate gear and have a Pirate Swashbuckling good time.

We went to the park where the party is going to be a drew a map, then transferred it onto brown packing paper and outlined it in sharpie.  We tried to give fun piratical names to the landmarks on the map and used some fun extra pictures like what you might find on an old map.  We cut off the bottom corner of the map into 6 pieces.  At each of the 6 x's on the map they will get a missing piece.  Once they have all 6 pieces they can figure out where the treasure is!  For fun we burned 2 holes in the map and burned around the edges of the paper.

Today my project is the cake.

I have some fun games planned to do with the kids:
Walk the Plank:
The area around the playground has about a 4" plastic ring around the outside.  We will see how far the kids can walk before falling off into the sea getting gobbled by the Kracken!

Shark Attack:
Lay some sheets of paper around on the ground to represent dry ground the rest is "water".  The friends all walk around until "Shark Attack" is called.  Everyone has to run to the safety of dry land.  Each time one piece of "land" is removed until there is one victor left standing.

Nature Scavenger Hunt:
Since some of the kids coming have older siblings while the younger pirates do the Treasure hunt, the big ones will do the nature scavenger hunt.  Then they will switch so they both have a fun time doing the activity without anyone getting run over.

Capture the Flag:
The pirates are divided into two teams and have the goal of defending their own flag and capturing the opposite team's flag.

Cannonball fight:
Crumble up balls of paper and cover them with pieces of tin foil.  These are the cannonballs.  Divide the pirates into "crews" and have them battle it out.

These were the great resources I used to come up with my plan for the day!


  1. I love your ideas for games! Sounds like a great party :-) Thanks for linking to our invitation!

    1. Absolutely! You had a great invitation, thank you for sharing! And thank you for your comment :)

  2. Thank you! We had a lot of fun :)

  3. Quite enjoyable Pirate Birthday Party. I liked these details and all this stuff would be very helpful for me as I am also going to host birthday bash for my son at some local garden themed San Francisco venues. The Pirate theme would be perfect for the celebrations.


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