Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quick and Easy way to cut a Cantaloupe

One of my son Josh's favorite fruits is Cantaloupe.  I think he would eat it every day if he could.  So after trial and error, this is the quickest and easiest way I have found to get out that sweet tasty goodness for my little guy!

Quick and Easy way to cut a Cantaloupe

First you need to select a good melon.  If it doesn't smell like a cantaloupe it isn't going to taste like a cantaloupe.  When you are at the store smell at the tapered end.  It should be firm and not smooshy and smell like a cantaloupe.  If it doesn't smell, it's not ripe yet.  I don't like to keep uncut cantaloupe's in the fridge.  For the best flavor it is best to leave them on the counter until fully ripe and ready to cut.

When it is ready to cut pull out a good sized cutting board and a large knife.  Cut off each end so it has a flat surface to sit on.

Then, start at the top and slice a piece of the rind off not leaving any of the green (that part is hard and bitter) following the contour of the melon all the way to the end and the rind will fall off on it's own.  Turn the cantaloupe a little and slice off another piece of the rind.  Continue until the melon is completely peeled.

 Stand the Cantaloupe up on one of the flat ends and slice down the middle.

Take a large spoon and scrape out the seeds into the trash can.

Turn one half cut side down and with your knife cut the cantaloupe in half and then from either side of the first cut, make several slices as wide as you want each bite sized piece to be.

Then turn the half and repeat the same process the other way making your little rectangular cube pieces.  I don't mind that mine are rectangles, if you want actual cubes.  Make a horizontal cut in each melon half about half way down in your melon before you start to slice it.

 Scoop up your pieces and place in a serving bowl to enjoy or in an airtight container to keep in the refrigerator.  

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