Monday, March 3, 2014

Quick and Easy DIY Bookmarks

Quick and Easy DIY Bookmarks 3 Ways

Scrapbook Paper
Camo Duck Tape
Leftover Valentines
Packing Tape or laminator
Rotary Cutter
Old credit card or store reward card (optional)

As I sat down to read with my son the other day I had to laugh at the bookmark he was using.  My boys can be very inventive with what they use as bookmarks. I've seen pencils, crayons, money, pokemon cards, tissues, and apparently itty bitty shreds of paper. I finally had the "Here's your sign moment" when I sat down this night. Apparently my kids need some more bookmarks. So, we sat down and whipped up a bunch using some leftover valentine's, some new duck tape, and some stickers.  The verdict: bookmark success!

#1 Valentines:

Collect a few sheets of scrapbook paper that match your valentines.

Cut the scrapbook paper down to 1 7/8" x 6" strips.

Line up the valentine on the strip of coordinating scrapbook paper.  Using a strip of 2" packing tape, attach the valentine to the paper.  Cut the tape so it will extend past the edges on both sides.

Flip the bookmark over and cut another piece of tape.

Line up the two pieces of tape and press flat.  Use a credit card or store card to get out any air bubbles in the tape.

Leave about 1/8" space on either end of the bookmark and cut off the remaining tape.

Voila! Quick and easy Valentine Bookmark.

#2 Stickers: 

In one of my son's book orders we were given a whole package of Minion stickers.  My son loves these cute little yellow guys.  So, I used one of my pre-cut 1 7/8" x 6" strips of scrapbook paper and decorated it with Minion stickers.  Then following the same steps above cover each side with 2" packing tape.  

Use a credit card or store card to press out any air bubbles and to make a tight seam at the edges.

Use your trimmer to cut each end down to 1/8" of tape.

So easy and so cute!

#3 Duck Tape:

This is the easiest bookmark to make.

Cut a piece of tape about 7" long or so.

Then cut another piece of tape the same length.

Flip one of the strips over.

Line up the edges and press together.

Use a credit card or store card to press out any air bubbles.

Trim down the strip to the size you want. 6" - 6 1/2" is a good length.


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