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For those of you who don't know, I am a member of Sverve

It was thanks to Sverve that I was introduced to the Fitsme App!
If you are a fellow Foodie, then you will want to check this out! 

I am always drawn to anything that has to do with food, if you have any doubt check out my Pinterest boards! But as time goes by more and more families are being affected by food allergies or they are simply trying to live happier healthier lives by watching what they are putting in their bodies.  I am new to Fitsme but I am extremely excited about their potential especially as they grow with more readers like you! The app makes finding recipes that your family can eat easy by pulling from different sites across the web and helps you organize them into meaningful meal plans and they've even added a shopping list tool! Maybe now I can finally get organized :) 

I'd love for you to check this out and tell me what you think! 

First check out the site by visiting the link:
Then set up your account information and log in. Then your food journey gets fun!

There are some things about this app that make it easy to work with and can become your best friend! I am horrible about making meal plans shopping lists. I usually just end up going to the store and buying the same types of things every time varying mostly on what's on sale or what looks good at the supermarket. This app makes it easy to cater to your families likes and dislikes plus any allergies or diet restrictions you may have. And, with the click of a button it will automatically generate the shopping lists for you and if you don't want to print them, just e-mail them to your phone! 
  • Create Your Food Personality
  • Online Chat
  • Select Personalized Meal Plans
  • Create and Customize a Shopping list (e-mail list)
  • Browse Feature
  • Customizable Filters
  • Like and Dislike Features
  • + on recipes adds it directly to a specified meal plan
  • Weekly E-newsletter

Your Food Personality

Your Food Personality is a set of enduring filters that are tailored by you and used when you browse recipes and create meal plans. The home screen is just waiting for you to customize!

Specific Diets

You have the option to select a specific diet: Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescetarian, or Fodmap. By selecting a diet it will activate some specific likes and dislikes and restrictions on your Food Personality profile.  This is to make it easier for you but you can still customize as much as you like and tweak the auto selections.


The Restriction and Allergy section lists types of foods that are common allergens: Gluten, Lactose, Tree Nuts, Shellfish, and Peanuts.  If you need another allergy or restriction selected the click on the small  icon in the group header and type in what you need.  There are several options to choose from.


The Cuisine section is how to select your favorite food cuisines. One click in the box is a like, two clicks makes it dislike, and three means you are neutral.  Just like with the restrictions section you can click on the small  icon in the group header to type in the cuisine you want to add.

Additional Preferences

The additional preferences section is where you can select your other preferences for cooking methods or types.  For example the level of difficulty or recipe type (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack).  Again, use the small  icon in the group header to type in the preferences you want to add. I typed in Bake because my favorite things come out of the oven!

Meal Plans

To make a meal plan, Click on Plan from the home screen.  Select New Plan, type in your Plan name, and customize your meal plan however you want.  Add breakfast, lunch and dinner. Throw in a few snacks or take out a few meals during the week, whatever is going to work for your family. Don't forget dessert!

Shopping Lists

Once you have completed making your Meal Plan then you can make and print/e-mail out your shopping list.  From the Meal Plan screen select which days you want to shop for, then you can select what ingredients you need to purchase or already have to remove them from your list.  Voila! Shopping made easy :)


The browse feature lets you look through the Fitsme App's collection of recipes.  If you have set up your Food Personality it will be tailored to your personal likes, dislikes and or any food restrictions or cuisine preferences you have listed.  There are recipes from several fabulous sites all over the internet including:

While you are browsing if you are inspired to look for something with a particular ingredient, for example strawberries, simply type strawberry in the text box label Add filters. And you will be directed to a fabulous page full of fabulous recipes you can add to your meal plan or maybe pin for later??

This recipe for Mixed Berry Shortcake stood out to me. Yumm! See how I can like and dislike the recipe? The little  icon here lets you add the recipe to a meal plan.

When you click Open Recipe it pulls up the recipe card where you can tweet, like, pin and see the basics for your selection.  In the bottom left it will take you to the full recipe.


If you like seeing new trends and great information about the food world then you'll love the fabulous E-Newsletter than Fitsme will start sending you once you have signed up with their app.  I have copied the last two e-mails so you can see an example of the content.

  • Food Allergy Awareness Week

  • Recipe of the Day Recap

Food Allergy Awareness Week

May 11th - May 17th

FARE, Food Allergy Research Education, created Food Allergy Awareness Week in 1998 to educate the public on food allergies, a potentially life threatening medical condition. This year, however, FARE is expanding their efforts by declaring May Food Allergy Action Month.

May also happens to be Celiac Awareness Month. To bring awareness to celiac disease and other food allergies, Fitsme will be interviewing several people from all over the nation about living with food allergies or food sensitivities.

Interviews will be posted on FacebookTwitter, and our blog.
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that often goes diagnosed or is misdiagnosed. Read on.
Life with a Gluten Sensitivity, an Interview with Liz Tuggle from Siera Vista, AZ. Read more. 
Living with CD Since 2009, an interview with Angie Nieves of Tampa, FL. Read more. 
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Recipe of the Day

Paleo Monday

Spicy Bacon Wrapped Scallops

Perfect on their own and a great addition to steak. 

GF Tuesday 
The Pioneer Woman

Grilled Ribeye Steak with
Blue-onion Cheese Sauce

"Good steaks do not need sauce, but they are every bit as delicious as they are on their own."

Pescatarian Wednesday 

Artichoke & Pickled Shrimp
w/ Lemon Aioli

Fabulous as an appetizer or on top of leafy greens

Thirsty Thursday

Vanilla Frozen Orange Juice

Cool down with this tasty treat. 

Vegan Friday

Quinoa & Black Beans

Protein packed and delicious!

On the blog

Christina McCrone of Cleveland, OH describes being on constant alert because of her multiple food allergies.
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