Saturday, May 10, 2014

They're Just KIDS!

Last weekend my boys both had travel games about 45 minutes away from our home field. Each of the fields had this sign posted. And I love it!

Sometimes as coaches and parents of kids in youth sports we forget the real reason the kids are playing - to have fun! Sports are a great way for kids to learn how to be a team player, how to listen to direction, how to win, how to loose, all while doing something they love.  We as parents can forget this and get caught up in the drama and nonsense of technicalities that often the kids are completely oblivious to until the parents make a big deal about it.  

So, fellow baseball and other sports parents - please, please, please, please, please REMEMBER they're just kids! They watch what you do. They hear what you say. They look up to you and their coaches. Act how you want them to act.  Cheer on everyone, and teach them it doesn't matter what the score is!  I have been a scorekeeper for my boys' baseball teams for the last several years and when kids ask me what the score is, I've learned not to tell them until after the game. The score is not what they should be focused on. The only thing kids should be doing is playing the game and cheering on their teammates!

That is our job parents! Not to pick apart every thing our kids are not doing right, but to make sure that kids have so much fun that they want to come back again and again. Because truly, isn't that what playing sports is all about? 

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