Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Birthday Cakes

My journey of cake decorating started when my oldest son had his first birthday.  With the inspiration and creativity of my husband and Father-in-law I was introduced to the wonderful world of cake art.

Growing up I had always had a cake with my name on it, but these cakes were on a whole new level that I had never seen before.  Now the cakes have become a tradition.  The boys look forward to picking what they want for their cake and the theme of their party.  And to be quite honest I think I look forward to it as much as the boys do!

1st Birthday: Bulldozer

Lightning vs. Chick

My oldest son's 3rd Birthday is the only time we have ever bought a cake and I was sorely disappointed   All they did was put a transformer toy on top of a plain white cake.  I totally could have done that myself!

My little one's 1st Birthday: Fighter Plane

 Great White Shark

Star Wars: Hoth

Lego Star Wars: Luke


Mickey Mouse


Tom and Jerry

 Pokemon: Cyndaquil 

Pirate Ship

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