Friday, November 9, 2012

Cub Scout Angry Birds Neckerchief Slide

For our upcoming pack meeting I was given the assignment to come up with a neckerchief activity for the boys to do since we are doing a uniform inspection and we don't want all the boys to be bored the whole time.  So after experimenting with a couple different ideas this is what I came up with! It is simple enough for the cub scouts to do by themselves, stays on, is adjustable, and fun!

Red, Orange, and white craft foam
Google Eyes
Skinny Hole punch
Craft Feathers
Hot glue or craft glue

First cut 2 circles out of the craft foam, one smaller than the other.  I tested it with kids scissors and it cut just fine.

Punch 2 holes in the center of the larger circle.

Cut a piece of cording about 6 or 7" long

Thread the cording through the 2 holes in the large circle.  

Decorate the face of the bird on the small circle.  To get the white piece I traced the small red circle on a piece of white foam.  Then I cut out the circle then cut the circle in half.  

Take the half circle and trace the bottom of the circle on the white.

Cut along your line and you have the belly.

To make the beak, cut a small rectangle out of the orange craft foam.

Cut it in half on the long diagonal.

Glue the white belly to the bottom.  I found hot glue worked the best, if you want the boys to wear it that night, this is the best option, the craft glue will have to sit at least overnight... Then glue on the eyes, I used the self adhesive ones that worked great.  Then glue the 2 triangles in the shape of a beak ontop of the white.  Set the face aside and glue your feathers in place on the large circle.  Then put a good glob of glue on the bad of your bird face and secure it to the large circle.

When dry flip it over and have the boys tie a square knot to make the loop.  The great part about this is you can retie it if it is too big or too small...

It slides up the neckerchief best if you hold it by the cording, but it works great and stays in place!

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