Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baby Girl Purple Stripe Ruffle Crib Quilt

Baby Girl Purple Stripe Ruffle Crib Quilt

I used 4" width of Fabric Strips to make the quilt top
A: Dark purple, 6 strips
B: Light purple, 4 strips
C: Butterflies, 3 strips
D: Flannel purple flowers, 2 strips

Cut out the strips.  Then I laid them out on the floor in the order I wanted to sew them together.  Using a 1/4 inch seam I sewed all the strips together in order making sure to have the right side face up.  Instead of using the normal setting on my machine for the straight stitch I kept the width the normal setting and used the longest setting available on my machine it was a 4.

I flipped to top upside down and then holding on to one of the strings pulled and bunched up the fabric.  It will take awhile to bunch and slide the fabric down the length of all the strips.  After I bunched them all I made a rectangle keeping both short sides the same and the long sides the same.  Mine ended up being 36" by 42".

After I had the size of the rectangle I cut the piece of Dark Purple for the back in the 36 1/4"x 42 1/4" size giving myself some wiggle room.  Then I pinned on my binding with the raw edges lining up with the raw edges on the side of the top, so the folded edge faced in.  On the corners I made two folds, turning it and pining it in place so it would make a ruffly corner when I sewed it.  Where the edges met, I opened up the binding placed a pin where they would meet and sewed a straight stitch so the excess would be on the inside afterward.  Then I pinned that part of the strip down so it was all one long piece of binding.

Then I assembled my quilt sandwich.  This time a little different than normal.  Batting first.  Then Quilt top and Binding facing up, then on top of that place the backing right side facing down (so when you turn it inside out the right side will face out.  Then pin in place.

Sew around the edges leaving a 6" or so opening along the side so that you can flip your quilt right side out.

Once you have it turned the right way, pin your hole closed making sure that your binding is in the middle, and I quilted in the ditch along each of the stripes.  After I did that I used a zig zag stitch to go around the entire perimeter of the quilt to give it a finished look, some stability, and seal the hole left from turning it right side out.

There you go, a fun textured, little girl ruffle quilt.

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