Saturday, December 29, 2012

English Muffin Bread

My Mother-in-law makes this every year at Christmas time and it is a recipe often requested by my husband.  It is a quick easy bread that tastes fabulous served with homemade jam or butter.

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English Muffin Bread

6 cups unsifted flour
2 pkg Active Dry Yeast (I use 2 Tbsp)
1 Tbsp sugar
2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 cups milk
1/2 cup water

Combine 3 cups flour, the undissolved yeast, sugar, salt, and baking soda.  Heat milk and water until very warm (120-130 F).  Add to dry ingredients and beat well.  Stir in remaining 3 cups flour to make a stiff batter.  Spoon into two 8 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 loaf pans that have been greased and sprinkled with cornmeal. Sprinkle the tops with cornmeal.  Cover and let rise in a warm place, free from draft for 45 minutes.  Bake at 400 F for 25 minutes.  Remove from pans immediately and cool.

Makes 2 loaves.


  1. I made your bread and it was fabulous!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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  3. Can the amount of salt be reduced?


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