Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Water-Bottle Holder Kids Craft

I wish I could take credit for this fabulous craft but I cannot.  Another one of our fabulous Den leaders for our Cub-Scout Pack came up with this fabulous idea.  It was one of my two boys's favorite activities, and since it was 90˚F+ the day we made these, it was perfect! This was a really great craft to do with the boys, it was functional, creative, and easy to do with a group.

Water-Bottle Holder Kids Craft 

Supply List:
Kite String or other cording
1 1/4" Rubber O-ring
Pony Beads

To make the Water-Bottle necklace holder cut the Kite string into 36" lengths with the scissors.  Use a lighter to seal the ends.

We found that it was so much easier to thread the beads when we sealed the edges with a lighter.  You don't have to, but the string kept unraveling and we kept cutting and cutting off more ends for kids to easily thread the beads.  Once we used the lighter on the ends we didn't have any more problems.

Fold the kite string in half so the two ends of the string are in one hand and the folded end is in the other hand.

Insert the folded end of the string through the O-ring making a loop, then send the two ends through the loop and pull the string tight.  Once the O-ring is attached use the pony beads to decorate the necklace.  Once the necklace is decorated tie the ends with two overhand knots or a square knot.  Slip the O-ring over the top of the water bottle and you are done!

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