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Cub Scout Tiger Uniform

School is back in session and that means one thing to my boys: Scouts! My youngest son has been attending scouts for 3 years with his older brother and now he can finally earn the achievements for himself! I don't think "excited" quite describes how he feels!

Every Pack is different with what they require for uniforms but this post will give you a general idea, just check with your Pack to see what differences you may have.

Your first resource will be your Local Scout Store.  Scout Stuff has a Scout Store Locator! is a fabulous resource to find all sorts of scout stuff! They have uniforms, patches, activity kids.  *Most of the pictures from this post are copied from the Scout Stuff website.

Class A Cub Scout Tiger Uniform
  • Pants: 
Don't buy the scout pants.  Unless you really want them, they are not required (at least for our pack).  Most boys will be wearing shorts or jeans.
  • Socks: 
The official cub scout uniform includes socks.  I have never seen anyone except perhaps leaders actually wearing them.  Don't feel like you need to buy scout socks unless it is required by your pack.
  • Blue Shirt: 
I highly recommend that you buy this big! Your son will be wearing it for 3 years.  So, unless you want to buy a new shirt every year and resew all the patches, it is easier to buy it large.  All the boys will look dwarfed by their shirt so don't worry if you end up tucking in a good part of the shirt their Tiger year.  It should fit great when he's a bear!

  • Tiger Hat/Cap: 
Each rank has a different color.  Tigers are blue and orange, Wolf's are blue and yellow (I guess the official color is gold, but it's yellow), Bear's are blue and light blue, and Webelos have a green and red hat.  Each have the corresponding emblem on the front.

The belt's all look the same.  They come in three lengths.  It is a navy blue web belt with a metal buckle.  The buckle is removable and you purchase the one with the correct emblem on the front: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos.

  • Tiger Neckerchief: 
Each rank has their own color triangular neckerchief that coordinates with the hat.  Tigers are blue and orange, Wolf's are blue and yellow, Bear's are blue and light blue, and Webelos are green and red. Each have the relevant emblem printed in the bottom corner.

  • Slide: 
You can either purchase a slide or make your own.  The slides available at the scout store each have the corresponding emblem on the front: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. Making a  Den Slide is a fun activity.

On the shirt there are a few Required Badges:
  • Den: 

  • World Scout Crest

  • Pack Patch/Unit Numerals: 
Our pack has a special patch with the date and the pack numbers all in one.  It is $4, which is cheaper than buying and sewing on all the numbers individually, but your pack may not do this.  If not you need to purchase all the numerals to complete your Pack number.

  • Council Patch: 

This one may be easier to get at your local scout store.  Ask your pack or do a search to see what council you fall under.  Not all council patches are available online.

Boy Scouts of America Local Council Locator

  • Tiger Handbook: 
You can get the regular or spiral bound handbook.  For the Wolf and Tiger ranks, the regular worked fine. I did spend the extra money when my older son got to be a bear and now as a Webelo...

There is also an online version of the handbook at Scoutmaster Musings/Boy Scout Trail.


  • Badge Emblem holders: 
I personally like to sew on my son's rank advancement badges, but you will see several scouts using these.  This one is personal preference.

  • Youth Patch/Brag Vests: These are a fun place to show off all the fabulous patches that your son will be earning.

  • Cub Scout Letter: 
This goes on the Brag Vest. When your son earns belt loops and pins, this is where the pins go.

Depending on your Pack  (Our pack provides these for us) you may or may not need to purchase: 
  • Rank Advancement Badges: 
The first rank every new scout will earn is the Bobcat.  This will be earned before working on anything else in the new handbook.  Then after completing the requirements in the handbook the scout will have earned the rank of a Tiger.  This is usually awarded at the Blue and Gold ceremony in the spring.

  • Belt Loops and Pins
There are several different Belt loops and pins that scouts can earn.  They are divided into two categories, Sports and Academics.  For the official list and for the requirements of each visit the Boy Scouts of America Academic and Sports program:

You can purchase the loops at your local scout store or search for your desired loop/pin @

  • Activity and Event Patches:
The fun thing about being in scouts is earning patches! Throughout the year there will be several events and opportunities to earn patches.  The Pinewood Derby, the Blue and Gold, and any Summer Camps your son attends will come along with a patch!  Some packs cover the cost of the patches and others times the patch will be included in the fee to attend the event, it just depends so check with your pack if you are not sure.  Your pack will be your first resource, followed by your local scout store.

  • Tiger Cub Tracker and beads
This is the immediate recognition for Tiger Scouts.  Each achievement that your tiger completes he will earn a bead.  The different colors represent the different achievements they need to complete.  A Family Activity (white bead), A Den Activity (orange bead), and a Go See It Outing (black bead).  The beads go on the first three strands of the Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem which is attached to button on their right shirt pocket.  Once the Tiger earns all 15 beads he has completed the requirements and has earned the rank of Tiger Cub.  After the scout has earned his Tiger then he can be awarded the electives beads earned.  For every 10 Tiger electives completed, the scout will earn one Tiger Track yellow bead.  

Uniform Price

Cub Scout Short Sleeved Shirt $25
Tiger Twill Cap $13
Tiger Web Belt $8
Tiger Neckerchief $7
Tiger Slide $5
Den Numeral $1.50
World Scout Crest Emblem $1.50
Unit Numeral $1.50 each (3) = $4.50
Council Patch (average) $3
Tiger Handbook $7
Total Required Cost = $75.50
*Prices were taken from and are subject to change

Uniform Insignia Placement

For any further questions on Uniforms and placement refer to the Boy Scouts of America website:


Class B Cub Scout Tiger Uniforms

Your pack T-Shirts and jeans or shorts.

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