Monday, September 30, 2013

Transformers Construct Bots

So what are are the components of the perfect boy toy.  For my boys the perfect toy has moving parts, invites creativity and open ended play.  Fun involves taking things apart and putting them back together or changing them into something else.  It has to have bright colors and look "cool". Enter, Transformers Construct Bots.

My boys love getting things in the mail, especially things that they get to play with.  Imagine their delight when I opened up my BzzAgent package with Transformer's inside, for them!

I had to laugh at my oldest son, who asked where the package came from.  When I let him know that I the package came for FREE from my blog he was ecstatic! "Can you get more for free Mom?" He asked immediately. So as long as my blogging gets free stuff for my kids apparently they are ok with it! LOL

And it's amazing how quickly I can get my kids moving on a school morning when there is something fun waiting for them in the front room!

I really liked how each transformer came in it's own case.  So all the little pieces and parts had somewhere to go.  There are a lot of extra weapons (which was a huge plus for my boys, they liked being able to switch the weapons and make new combinations) so it was great to have a spot for them.

Kiddo #1 chose Megatron the Deceptacon, and Kiddo #2 picked the Autobot Optimus Prime.

Just like with Lego's each robot came with the pieces in individually wrapped packages and it's own set of instructions with step by step pictures.  There aren't really written instructions, which didn't slow down kiddo #2 at all, but might have been a little helpful for slower Mom trying to help younger brother...

But kiddo #2 was still happy to help build too.  Since he is only 6 it was a little too hard for him to do all alone, but kiddo #1 who is 9 had no problem building the robot all by himself.

Step 1 is completed! The robots are done.  But the fun is just beginning.  That's right these robots are transformers, so we get to see what they look like transformed into their vehicles too!

If that's not a face only a Mother could love I don't know what is!

The little cannon on top, yes it really shoots! Did I tell you my boys thought these were the coolest toy ever?

If you have purchased/owned any of the more complicated transformers before, these are very similar.  They aren't the easiest to transform, but it does get easier with practice.  After looking over the instructions intently you can figure out which little part goes where to make it work.  And after going through the motions two or three times the boys got it figured out and could go back and forth without help.

The pieces do come apart, like Lego's if pulled/pushed too hard, but it's no big deal because they snap right back into place.  We only had one party fail on Megatron, he was a little harder to transform than Optimus Prime, but he eventually went back into place.

In the words of Kiddo #1, "They're epic! Can you get some more free ones?"
Kiddo #2, "Yeah Mom, I love them!"

There ya go, I guess I know what to do for birthday's this year!  I hope your kiddos enjoy these as much as mine did! I wish every morning went as nicely as this one did...

Check out: to learn more, to hunt, construct, and battle other bots!  There is even a FREE Mobile App. Where you can customize Transformers Construct Bots, check out a gallery and battle. I have it on my iPhone.

I received the Transformers Construct Bots Ultimate Set for FREE from BzzAgent, which included two skeletons and pieces for two full robots: Optimus Prime and Megatron.  Thank you!

Other Construct Bots Sets:

Triple Changers: convert between robot, car and jet modes
  • Blitzwing
  • Bumblebee
Elite Class: convert between robot and vehicle modes
  • Soundwave
  • Wheeljack
  • Megatron
Scout Class: convert between robot and vehicle modes
  • Ironhide
  • Starscream
  • Bumblebee
  • Thundercracker
Enter for your chance to win 1 of 4 coupons for $8 off a Transformers Construct Bots Ultimate Set!

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