Monday, December 2, 2013

Sharing is Caring Blog Hop: Christmas Edition

Scrapbook Paper Angel Ornaments

I was looking online for an angel template I could use to make some angels that could be used as Christmas Tree ornaments as well as gift tags.  I saw some that would have worked but they were too big or too small and I just wasn't seeing anything that really jumped out at me. So, when all else fails make your own!

I dug through my cookie cutters and found one I liked, for the most part, and traced it.  Then I played around and adjusted it until I liked the outline.  I cut that out and traced the outline out onto a manilla folder and cut that out. I wanted a sturdy template to trace since I was making 30 of them.  Yeah!!! I now have a template to make my angels!  I think they turned out cute, I hope you like them too :)

1 file folder
Scrapbook paper
Silver Tinsel Craft cord (or any color you want)
Small hole punch
Angel Template

Print out the template for the angel.  

Cut it out and trace it onto thick paper like a file folder.  Cut out your template.  Trace the angel onto your favorite scrapbook paper. Trace on the back of your paper so your cute angels don't have pencil/marker lines on them. I was able to cut through about 3 or 4 pages thick without any problem.  

Cut out the angels.  In the very top of each angel use a small hole punch to make a hole.  Cut the tinsel craft cord into 6"-10" sections.  I am using the angels for ornaments and gift tags so I didn't want a really long string, I used 6" lengths.  If using for just for ornaments you may want to make longer strings.

Thread each angel with the craft cord and tie in a simple knot.  

Voila! A cute, fun, and easy scrapbook paper angel to use as a gift tag or as an ornament for the Tree!

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