Sunday, December 8, 2013

The 8th Day of Bloggy Christmas!

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On the 8th Day of Bloggy Christmas, Miss Lisa gave to me a Christmas Cookie Burlap Picture

hi! my name's Lisa and i blog over at hoopla palooza
but first lemme tell you how excited i am about being a part of 

are we gonna have fun or what?!!

anywho, i like making outta the box stuff and having fun tutes to go along with it. you really must visit me
i don't make the usual kinda posts you may be used to seeing. 
it's all about fun and silliness. :)

and speaking of fun, 
christmas is an awesome holiday as we all know and it makes me immediately think of COOKIES!

so i found a blank burlap picture at home goods and made this:

whoa nilly! that looks like a mess! 
and it is because you can use whatever you have in your craft stash and come up with your own designs or see what i did to get mine.

as you can see i painted the ornaments on the back side so the front would have a cleaner look.i had to improvise on the "s" since i already used 2 so i used 2 "c's" as shown. 
they really should give you more "s's" in an alphabet pack y'know?

ok let's move on.
 i didn't paint all the ornaments,
as you can see here for the "o's":

aren't those cookie stickers cool? i found them at michael's.

oopsies on the lopsided clothespin pics! it's what happens when you try to photograph on a windy day...

now that the ornaments were made and attached, the next thing i did was add more detail.

i got all my supplies at michael's awhile ago but check your craft store out as there are an abundant amount of christmas stickers and washi tape everywhere.

now for the last little detail:

that's where my 2 "s's" went to (for christmas)!

and so, when you put all this together, you finally get this:

hope you like the cookie picture. 
i used it for a cookie exchange party as a centerpiece and it looked awfully cute. then i hang it in my kitchen and get to baking away.

cuz aint nothin' better!

thanks SOOOO much again to Krista for having me! now let's get to cookin' some christmas cookies!

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