Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2nd Day of Bloggy Christmas: Fickle's Shortbread

hey everyone!
it's that time of the year again for:

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for the next 12 days +1 you will get a wonderful post about christmas goodies and such brought to you courtesy of all 4 blogs above thanks to the efforts of 
KRISTA from A Handful of Everything!

so hear we go with a christmas fave of mine...

do you collect christmas cookie cookbooks 
and magazines like i do?

do you read over them, dog leaf the recipe page, put a sticky tab on the page, tell yourself "oh my gosh i GOTTA make these!" 
and then forget all about them and just make the same ole recipes you've made for the past like, 100 years? 

yeah, me too.

here's a recipe i have in my ole recipe box that will stay with me for the next 100 years or so of christmas baking.

it's quick, delicious and pretty.
what more do you want?

click HERE to print the recipe

make sure you do the last part of step 4 
cuz that's the most important part.

happy baking!

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