Tuesday, December 9, 2014

9th Day of Bloggy Christmas: Candy Cane Rooftop Gingerbread Birdhouse

On the 9th Day of Bloggy Christmas Miss Lisa from Hoopla Palooza gave to me 

Candy Cane Rooftop Gingerbread Birdhouses!

are you a gingerbread house maker?
do you mix the dough, 
roll it,
cut the house shapes up,
allow them to cool?
frost them together to make the house?
go to the store to get gumdrops, candy canes, peppermints, sprinkles, chocolate, sixlets,
etc etc etc.,
then display it for all to see?

then shoo all children away from it, 
young and old,
telling them santa will add them to the naughty list if he sees them anywhere near the house nibbling on the roof?

then on december 26th, what do you do?
throw it away?

oh the horror of it all!
all those hours and hours of work down the tube.

believe me, been there.
done that.

but i wanna keep those suckers!
it's SO beautiful to throw away but lordy knows you can't keep an edible house without having the mold come by for a permanent visit!

so what to do!?!?

do the following.

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See how to make your own DIY Candy Cane Rooftop Gingerbread Birdhouses here!

What a fabulous idea to make lasting Gingerbread houses. Thanks Lisa for sharing your amazing DIY Candy Cane Rooftop Gingerbread Birdhouses with us!

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