Sunday, March 29, 2015

6000 Piece Loom Band Kit

My boys love making crafts and the big thing the last year or so has been loom bands. Every where I go kids are wearing them, making projects, and asking for them. So, when Tomoson gave me the opportunity to work with and get the 6000 piece Loom Band Kit for FREE in exchange for my honest review, I quickly accepted.

Is 6000 pieces a little excessive? Maybe, or maybe not. This can be the perfect gathering activity for scouts or a birthday party, a play date, or rainy day afternoon project fun! Even though there are a lot of bands, I have no doubt they will get used. Especially when you consider most project take several bands to complete.

The bands come packaged by color. 600 each of red, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, black, and white. Each color bag has it's own small bag of clips. There are 200+ clips in the entire kit. And you can find them at my favorite store in the world... Amazon :)

This is an amazing deal. When you consider one pack of 500 bands is about $5.00 at most stores, and in this kit you are getting 6,000 bands. This is by far the best way to buy them. Plus, with the kit you get a variety of colors to make all the fun projects the kids pick out.

The bands are latex-free. Stretchy and soft. Perfect for kids and (parent helpers) and compatible with all major rainbow loom brands. Plus, they are 100% guaranteed!

Since my boys were off playing with their Dad this weekend I sat down on the floor, and picked two projects to make with the bands. 1st I made two cute little Pokeball charms for them to hang on the zipper of their backpacks. Then I made two quick and easy little Easter Eggs to put in their baskets.

I found the video instructions for this charm at They have a whole collection of fun projects to make with your bands. Most do require a loom so if you don't have you will need one and a hook to make the two projects I did.

Yeah! Two pokeballs down and it only took me an hour to figure out how to use the loom correctly... If my boys would have been here I swear these would have only taken about 10 minutes a piece! So much for quickly making a surprise. I will save you the sad pictures of me pulling everything off and trying again and again.  Thank heavens for the pause and rewind feature on youtube!

The second project was much quicker. I was getting the hang of using the loom and there weren't any crazy knots, just straight forward weaving.

This project was taken off the Rubber Band Bracelet website.  So, in addition to supplying you with this fabulous kit, they have a blog with several Loom Band projects.  They also have a Video Project Gallery if you sign up for their club/newsletter. This video doesn't have as much detail as the Pokemon project, however it was an easier project so it didn't need as much. For this you will need a loom and a hook, and some fiber-fill stuffing or cotton balls to make the eggs puffy. (The trick is keeping your puppy from thinking that the stuffing is really his to play with...)

Two projects down and more to come!

These bands will be perfect to make scout neckerchief slides... Blue and yellow!

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