Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cotton Guitar Strap

I have been playing the guitar since I middle school. It is something I love to do and have wanted to devote more time to it now that my kids are getting a little older. For Christmas I was given an amazing new guitar and I love playing it. But without a strap, I have been limited to sitting down whenever I play.

So when Strap Snake and Tomoson offered me this beautiful brown cotton and leather guitar strap for FREE I was super excited!

I absolutely love it. Since it is an acoustic guitar, I was curious how it would work, since there is only one strap button. But it attached beautifully above the neck. Strap Snake does also sell a Head Stock Button but I just used the included string and it worked great for me. Now I can stand up to play and not be hunched over trying to read my music and tab notes.

Check out how gorgeous my guitar looks! Yeah :)

My son, when he got an Electric guitar for Christmas a few years ago, had a nylon strap that came with it. I used it a few times then gave it back because I didn't like it at all. It wasn't comfortable at all. It kept digging into my shoulder, it kept slipping, and it just felt cheap.

This cotton and leather strap on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. It is comfortable. It's easy to adjust and stays put. And it is quality, with real cotton and leather. I plan on buying one for my son so he doesn't have to keep using the other one. Plus it is 100% guaranteed.

The Guitar Strap works for Acoustic or Electric Guitars. It works for Men, Women, Kids, Girls, and Boys.

The soft cotton is thicker, tougher, and stronger than nylon or pollypropylene guitar straps. It cinches down to 33.5" for young kids and teenagers, so they can be comfortable playing on bigger guitars. The strap extends to 56" for larger players and those who prefer a low hanging, full arm strumming, guitar style.

Here is a snipit from the Strap Snake website about the benefits of using a strap.

Play Standing Up Like a Rock Star or Country Star

How long have you been playing guitar? And do you still only sit down to play? If you ever want to perform on stage or rock the house, you gotta stand up and deliver.
It’s time to get a good quality cotton guitar strap and learn how to play your instrument without the safety of a seat. There’s big differences between sitting down and standing up. Here are just a few things to consider:
  • Whether to hold your guitar position high or long
  • How to place your wrist angle
  • How the guitar hangs on your body
  • How you see the fretboard

Advantages of Choosing Our Cotton Guitar Strap

image 4
Most beginner guitar straps are cheap because they are made of thin nylon material and
plastic leather ends. We do not think saving a few dollars is worth the risk of buying a
lousy strap that might break and damage your instrument.
  • Compatible for most acoustic and electric guitar models
  • 2-inch Wide Strap Keeps Guitar Stable on All Body Shapes and Sizes
  • Secure Fit Leather Ends Prevent Guitar Drop Accidents
  • Durable Cotton Webbing Prevents Slippery Cross Body Movements While Playing
  • Solid Black Strap Sets Off Classic Appearance of Most Guitars
  • Adjustable Non-Slip Buckle Makes it Easy to Change From High to Low Position
  • Choose Between Fitting to Strap Buttons or Use String Tie Above Neck
  • Adjusts to Minimum Length to be Kid Friendly (Down to 33.5 inches)

Start Performing and Command Attention

The only way to get better is to practice. That includes practicing standing up to get ready for your debut on the stage. Getting a cotton guitar strap helps you out in many ways:
  • Making sure you have good posture while playing, whether standing or sitting.
  • Making sure you play with the guitar in the right position for strumming and other techniques.
  • Getting used to seeing and reaching the neck positions with your non-strumming hand.
  • Allows you to find the sweet spot between higher and lower positions.
*images from StrapSnake website

If you are in the market for a new guitar strap. I highly recommend this one from Strap Snake. You can find the link from their website or buy it on Amazon here:

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