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Yummy Yammy Sweet Potato Salsa Review + Giveaway!

As a Tomoson Blogger I get some amazing opportunities to try out new products for FREE! I was excited to be introduced to Yummy Yammy. This women owned New England based company makes healthy sweet potato salsa's in three flavors: Mexican, Moroccan, and Tuscan. In exchange for an honest review, I received sample jar of all three!

These salsa's truly are a "Vegan Superfood Meal in a Jar." They are full of good flavor and good for you!
  • These salsa's are the only sweet potato salsa's in the world!
  • No fat
  • No sweeteners of any kind
  • 250 calories in an entire jar! The Moroccan only has 200.
  • Gluten free
  • Non GMO corn and citric acid.
  • Woman-owned company
  • Vermont-based company
  • Available in 100 stores from Wisconsin to Florida

The only thing I have an issue with these salsa's is the name. Salsa to me brings to mind images tomatoes and a fairly liquid dip/topping. These sweet potato salsa's are thick and creamy almost the complete opposite of what you'd expect in a salsa. They are more the consistency of a bean dip than that of a salsa. But I suppose that problem is based merely on semantics...

Regardless of the name, the flavors of these salsa's are absolutely amazing.  I love that they are amazingly healthy for you, and I love that they are full of flavor without any unnecessary ingredients.

I loved the depth of flavor in the Mexican salsa. Chipotle and black bean are a classic combination and great on tortilla chips.  This would be fantastic on nachos or in a quesadilla. I thought I was getting the medium strength so when I realized it was hot I was a little nervous. It was still great.  My kids wouldn't try it because it was hot, but had I received the mild or medium version of the salsa I know at least my oldest would have devoured it with me.

The Tuscan salsa has the sweetest flavor of the three, even though there are no additional sweeteners added. Balsamic vinegar is pared with the amazing flavor of roasted red peppers, white beans, and basil. It is like Italian food in a jar minus the tomatoes. In my opinion this is the most kid friendly, with familiar flavors and a sweeter rather than spicy flavor.

The Moroccan salsa has the most flavor. The roasted sweet potatoes are mixed with curry spices, lentils, and kale. This is absolutely delicious on pita bread or would be amazing mixed in a soup or served over rice with lamb or chicken.  Adults are sure to love this one! My kids are a little reserved in their cultural cuisine so this was the one of the three that was too spicy for them. I am totally on a Mediterranean food kick right now, so I thought it was absolutely amazing.

The salsa's can be used as a traditional salsa/dip, added to a finished entree, or as the base of a meal. Use it as filling in a burrito or wrap, topping on a pizza, sauce for pasta or rice, as a nacho topping, or to flavor the main protein in your dish.

If you like what you see, Yummy Yammy is currently looking for fellow Yambassador's on their website. As a Yambassador you receive the best deals and specials, plus news and recipes, and a special thank you gift of a free shipping code for one order!

The website has a blog and a recipe collection for you to browse and get great ideas for your salsa's.
Some examples of recipes are:
  • Quick Tuscan Pasta
  • Simple Tuscan Wrap
  • Fast and Nutritious Moroccan Breakfast
  • Moroccan Lamb Stew
  • Superfood Nachos
  • Instant Mexican Soup
Head on over to the Yummy Yammy website and join the Sweet Potato Revolution :)

A little excerpt about the owner from the website:

Hi! I am Lisa Johnson, the Yambassador at Yummy Yammy. I have chosen my business name and corporate title to celebrate how declicious, healthy and fun our sweet potato salsas are.  Yummy Yammy's mission is to help busy people eat better by delightfully bringing sweet potatoes to the nation.

Why Sweet Potatoes?
  • Sweet potatoes are delicious
  • Sweet potatoes are gorgeous, with their sunny orange color
  • Sweet potatoes offer great mouth-feel, velvety texture, and smooth creaminess
  • "Yam" is a fun name to work with
  • Sweet potatoes are so undervalued in our busy, hectic, and fast-food culture and...
  • Sweet potatoes are so incredibly healthy fur us to eat!
Whether you already love sweet potatoes, or have never liked them, or don't even know what they are, you should try our salsas. They're delicious, they're new, they're fun, and they're so healthful you won't believe it.

Many people enjoy yams with brown sugar, butter and marshmallows.  That's certainly how we had them when I was a kid, at Thanksgiving dinner. And now you can get rich, scrumptious sweet potato fries at any restaurant.

But here's what I do differently: I have a hundred new, different, and exciting ideas for making them savory, taking them from the side dish to the center of the plate, and keeping them the amazing nutritious powerhouses they naturally are.

My background:
  • 12 years at natural food stores in Vermont & New Hampshire
  • 10 years helping people find fresh farm products and build meaningful economic relationships with farmers (for instance, we helped Dartmouth College buy more local vegetables for their kitchens)
  • Lots of stints working at restaurants when I was younger
  • Cooking for 36 hungry apple pickers
  • Several years of work on organic farms: planting, weeding, harvesting fruits and vegetables
  • Living all over the US and in Mexico
  • Gardening and cooking all my life for the sheer joy of it
Mostly, though, what you want to know about me can't fit on a resume or list of accomplishments. I am irrepressibly entrepreneurial and my mind is constantly filled with possibility.  People have told me I'm a leader and a visionary, and I can at least say that all my life I have desired those qualities.

This business is possible becuase my husband cheers me on constantly (and does a lot of dishes), my kids draw delightful artwork and taste all my food, and I am surrounded by skilled and inspired friends and professionals who give me lots of feedback.  I know there is no such thing as a "self-made man." We are supported and sometimes carried by the ones who love us, and without that, no business idea ever sees the light of day.

One last thing: please tell your friends about us! Your positive experience is by far the best marketing there is.

So, spread the word - that makes YOU a Yambassador too!

Yammily yours,
Lisa & Family

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