Monday, January 28, 2013

Anthem by Ayn Rand

This book was recommended to me by a new friend.  I had heard of Ayn Rand but had never before this read one of her books.  I was amazed at how much meaning there was packed within so few pages.  I quite enjoyed the book.  It gave me a greater appreciation for the blessings of living in a country with unalienable Freedoms and for the beauty of the human mind and its individual potential.

One thing I appreciated about this copy of the book is that in the back it included a section about the author in which it describes how she grew up in communist Russia and the development of her Objectivism philosophy.  Although I don't agree with everything in her philosophy the concept behind it is interesting.  And the insight brought new light and understanding to the story.

The main character is a man with no name.  In this future society has fallen into a world of sameness, there is no "I" only "we."  Their only unique identification is their number. Equality 7-2521 is punished for creative thinking, for asking questions, for trying to make things better; for daring to be different from the mindless followers that surrounded him.  He is scorned for achieving above his classmates and because of his aspirations is assigned to an occupation where he will have no opportunity to change anything.  Leadership is not interested in making a better society but only on maintaining and controlling the one they have.  The story follows the development of 7-2521 as he defies the rules and finds joy in himself as an individual and dares to love the woman of his choosing.

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