Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Couch Pillow

I love collecting quotes that I like.  I often don't know what I am going to do with them, but this one I thought would look cute with my Americana decor in my house.  So I found a piece of Muslin and went to work.

I started with a large piece of Muslin about 14x11.  With a pencil I wrote the words and drew the outline of the picture.  I have a cute trio of stars made of wood that I really like so I drew a trio of stars in the center then I added a few flourishes to give it a more finished look.

I used a burgundy color for the words, the flourishes and the medium star, navy blue for the large star, and a light gold color for the small star.  I back-stitched along my traced lettering and pattern.  Tying off all the ends.

Then I trimmed the muslin to an 11 x 7" piece.  I cut 2 2 x 11" pieces of dark blue fabric and 2 2 x 11" pieces of tan and red star fabric.  The back of the pillow was a piece of fabric cut to 15 x 11".

I sewed the star fabric to the top and bottom of the muslin.  Then I sewed the two sides of dark blue on.  I pinned the backing to the front, right sides touching and sewed around the perimeter leaving a 2-3" hole at the bottom.  I flipped the pillow right side out, pushing the corners out with a pencil, then I filled with batting. I used a blind stich to close the hole.

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